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Grooming Spa

Extending our cage-free motto to your pet's once dreaded visit. It is more than grooming, it's an experience.

Service Menu

The Foyer
$40 - breeds 20lbs or less
$55 - breeds 21-30lbs
$65 - breeds 31lbs +

Wash away the stresses of the dog park and fluff up that fur.
Includes bath and blow out, ears, teeth, nails, and sanitary (sanitary is the cleaning and shaving/trimming of privates; please advise if you do not want this done).

The Flat - Starts at $45

Keep it simple for those pups who naturally keep it short. Specifically designed for the short-haired breeds, The Flat provides a bath and scrub to help exfoliate the dead skin while hydrating and exposing your pup's best coat.
Includes bath, dead sea salt scrub, deshedding, nails, ears, teeth

Great Room - Starts at $65

The essentials to any grooming goals. Book the Great Room and transform your pup's lived-in hair.
Includes hair cut, bath and blow out, nails, teeth, ears

Master Room - Starts at $75

Book your pup the ultimate grooming experience with our Master Room. From the essentials to spa treatments, your pup will leave feeling like the head of the pack.
includes hair cut, bath, bath bomb, blow out, nails, teeth, ears, nose/paw balm treatment

Guest Room - Starts at $30

When you just need a quick place to stay and freshen up, book our guest room. 

Includes a bath and drying if necessary.

Spa Essentials

Teeth - $10
Mani/Paw'di - $20
Dremel/file- $3
Nail polish - $5
Dematting - Starts at $25
Deshedding - $25
Anal glands - $25
Hand stripping - Starts at $85
Nose balm treatment - $5
Paw  balm treatment - $5
Dead Sea Salt Scrub (anti-dandruff) - $5
Bath bomb - $6

Ask about our pick-up/drop-off service and in-home service. Book conveniently online or via phone/text/email: 

201-920-0004   I    [email protected]

Treat yourself and get Dolled up too!